Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Historic wisdom rediscovered for longevity, weight loss, and health restoration

by Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.C.

New research suggests that a special type of fasting and caloric restriction not only extends your life, but also causes hormonal and metabolic changes that aid in weight loss and can ward off heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.  Not all fasting and caloric restriction is beneficial for weight loss, however.

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There are numerous studies from years of research indicating the life extension and health benefits of caloric restriction.  Caloric restriction, however, has never been proven to be successful for long-term weight loss, unless driven by a hormonal change that shuts down our desire to eat.  The studies indicating life extension from caloric restriction relating to humans are epidemiological studies that look at the diets and life spans of different cultures.  The people being studied are not cutting calories in an attempt to lose weight, they simply are eating until full.  It just so happens that their calories at the end of the day are low, but their nutrient-to-calorie ratio is very high.  This means that although they don’t eat as much in a day as Americans do, they end up consuming far more nutrients due to the quality of food being consumed.  This has a profound effect on their health as well as their hormones.  It is a hormonal signal that tells their brains that they are finished and satisfied.  They do not battle cravings for sugar and bread, nor do they struggle with weight gain.  In fact, their healthy hormone balance is the key to their success.  If you are simply trying to muster up enough will power to cut calories to lose weight without a healthy hormonal balance, you are doomed to failure.  Eventually you will give in to the cravings.  The 5-10 pounds that you lost by pushing the food away, most of which is muscle, will quickly be gained back, because without correcting the hormones, you will be overcome by the desire to eat more, especially breads and sugars (carbohydrates).

Tell Your Brain Not to Eat: The Weight Loss Hormone Leptin

There are specific hormones that signal your brain to start and stop eating.  Leptin is a hormone that not only tells you to stop eating, but to burn fat when you’re not eating.  The hormonal ability to burn fat for energy (especially when not eating) results in a natural caloric restriction diet (like those in the studies).  If you have the hormonal ability to be a fat burner, you simply eat less without cravings while your body feeds on fat.  The benefit here is obvious; you stay lean and age more slowly. The bottom line is if your hormones are not right, you will not be able to permanently lose weight or be successful on any diet. 

I know what you are thinking:  “How do I fix my hormones?”  At least that is what you should be thinking.  I have said it for years now: In order to fix the hormones, you must fix the receptors to the hormones which reside on your cells.  Inflammation blunts these receptors, and the hormones cannot get their message to the cell.  My Cellular Healing Diet specifically targets the three main causes of inflammation and therefore hormonal dysregulation that leads to weight gain, which most often will not respond to diet changes or exercise. 

The new research on fasting gives us some additional insight and another tool to reduce the cellular inflammation (fix the hormones) and receive the benefit of life extension, better health, and weight loss.  What I am referring to here is what is called “Intermittent Fasting.”  For years, I have called it “Cycle Fasting.”  These are short times of severe caloric restriction of 500-800 calories/day which, according to the studies, will qualify you to receive the many benefits.

Intermittent Fasting and the Obesity Epidemic

Unlike long-term fasts or caloric restrictive diets, studies show that “intermittent fasting” improves hormone receptors, leading to a metabolic shift and making you into a fat burner.  A study last year published in the International Journal of Obesity compared two fasting groups.  Both groups lost weight, but it was only the intermittent fasting group that improved in hormone sensitivity.  Our genes are programmed to deal with sudden sporadic drops in calories.  This is part of the survival mechanism that is in all of us from birth.  Experts say that during these times, the body triggers protective processes in the brain.  It is said that due to the anti-inflammatory effects of this process, there could actually be a benefit to the brain that would protect against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Professor Mattson, a leading pioneer in fasting research, states in his studies “Brain-cell damage can be reversed by the two-day fasting regime”.  According to Mattson, intermittent fasting affects both leptin and ghelin, two hormones involved in appetite regulation and weight loss.  Perhaps the greater benefit comes from the fact that these two hormones are also involved with renewing brain cells, especially in the hippocampus (the area of the brain involved with memory).  His definition of an intermittent fast is dropping calories to 500-800/day for just two days a week, and the other five days resume normal caloric intake.

In a study a few years ago Professor Mattson showed fasting every other day had a dramatic effect on people with asthma.  The people in the study lost 8% body weight and dropped inflammation markers by 90%.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Long-term fasting/caloric restriction has always been criticized for muscle loss and nutrient depletion.  This is why it is not recommended for weight loss and why unhealthy individuals struggle to fast long enough to receive the healing benefits.  Intermittent fasting removes this problem.  It spares your muscle, maintains nutrient levels, and positively affects hormones involved in weight loss and renewing brain cells (leptin, insulin, and ghelin).  Therefore, intermittent fasting for weight loss is acceptable.

I have had great success combining this type of fasting with the
Cellular Healing Diet.  Both have a dramatic effect on cellular inflammation, and therefore hormones.  Utilizing this method, I am able to help the person that is perhaps underweight or overweight and struggling with an unexplainable illness.  The person who is underweight will receive the healing benefits of the fast without further weight loss.  Most will start to gain weight as their health returns.  The health-challenged, overweight person will actually lose fat that they were never able to lose as they regain their health.  It has been such a blessing to watch so many lives transform as they learn this art of healing.  I truly believe it is a lost art that is not culturally suggested as a common approach toward healing.  The body knows how to heal; it just needs enough energy and no interference to do so.  Let me give you an idea of what I am doing and what some of these programs look like.

First of all, many of the people that I work with have major GI (gastro-intestinal) issues that typically need to be addressed before other detox methods can be performed.  Conditions such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s, Celiac and food intolerance are a growing epidemic, and this is the only method I have found that really works long term for these conditions.

You must stop the food intolerance that is causing much of the inflammation.  This is important, even with autoimmune conditions that are growing in number every year, such as Hashimoto’s (autoimmune of the thyroid), Lupus (skin), Rheumatoid (joints), and Crohn’s (gut).

How to do Intermittent Fasting Properly

As you can see from the definition of an intermittent fast, you are taking in 500-800 calories a day.  I suggest doing this by the use of whey water.  Not whey protein, whey water.  As a matter of fact, it contains no protein, however it is loaded with trace minerals and good bacteria that are needed to fix the gut.  These bacteria are also needed for our immune system and to signal our own DNA to perform certain functions. Click here to check out my YouTube video and article on this subject. Whey water was nicknamed “healing water” by Hippocrates due to its effect on the 3 main detox systems (liver, kidneys, and GI).  It has been used for thousands of years in healing spas in Greece, Italy, and Sweden.  The product is called SueroGold, and it takes this fast to the next level.  I really believe it’s the key component of why we are seeing the incredible results that we are.  The combination of the inherent powers of fasting with the pure whey water is a true Godsend.

I start with 4 days of just the SueroGold.  No other food should be consumed, and the water from the whey water will be plenty. One bottle every two hours, up to 6 bottles a day, for 4 days. Day 5 should be followed with the Cellular Healing Diet.

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SueroGold Beyond Organic Fast and Cleanse Protocol

I utilize the 4-day fast repeated once a month as an intermittent fast for my most challenged GI cases.  It allows more time away from food to drop inflammation caused by food allergies.  Some do multiple 4 day fasts for a few months, then follow them with choosing 2 days a week to consume only the 6 SueroGold a day.  For example, Tuesday and Friday, all they consume is 6 SueroGold, and on the other days follow the Cellular Healing Diet.

Everyone can benefit from simply choosing 1 or 2 days a week to consume only the SueroGold (6 a day = 600 calories a day).  There is another product called SueroGreen that contains wheat grass and some other vegetable juices sweetened with honey.  This is another option, but due to the added sugar, I prefer the SueroGold fast. To make the SueroGold taste great, I add some lemon juice and stevia.  Vanilla extract is acceptable as well.

Personally, I use intermittent fasting throughout most of my week. I start with one SueroGold for breakfast. A few hours later, I eat an Amasai with hemp seeds, chia seeds, or raw nuts. Often times, I will just grab an Amasai, run out the door, and drink it plain. Later in the afternoon, I drink another Amasai. For dinner, I have a typical Cellular Healing Diet meal consisting of meat and vegetables. This qualifies as intermittent fasting because you're fasting through the night as you sleep, and we're able to continue that fast through the day just by restricting the calories and eating a larger dinner. The combination of the restricted calories earlier in the day and normal caloric intake later makes it intermittent, therefore you become more hormone sensitive, unlike you would on a regular caloric restrictive diet. My energy levels have been amazing, and my body fat has dropped below 8% for the first time in fifteen years because I have become more hormone sensitive. I am a great example of someone who is already healthy and eating well benefiting from intermittent fasting.

This brings me to the final point I want to make referring to the study. It was noted that this type of fasting is of benefit to any body with or without health challenges. It was also stated that the greatest benefits are gained the longer it was practiced, meaning that it should be done with regularity as a part of a healthy life style.

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